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Minervise Accounting and Taxation Ltd is a London based professional accounting and taxation practising firm regulated by ACCA and HMRC serving clients across all industries including Tourist Agency, Real Estate, Education and Training, Technology, IT, Art, Jewellery and Fashion, Consulting, Import and Export, PR, Catering and Restaurant, Law Firm, Photography, Design, Charity & Non-for-profit,  and Investment Management.

Minervise serve Ltd, LLP, individuals, and unincorporated associations both in the UK and overseas with a network of knowledge, experience and expertise as well as bespoke service package to support clients' growth and development, guide clients into new markets and territories, and connect them with sources and supplies. 

We are hiring part-time assistant accountant to take below responsibilities:

·         Bookkeeping and accounts

·         Taxation

·         Payroll

·         VAT return

·         Market research and market penetration

·         Merge and Acquisition

·         Business Valuation

·         Financial planning and projection

·         Fund accounting and administration

·         Legal and Compliance


·         Must have Degree in Accounting and study towards qualifications

·         Attention to details, well organised

·         Working hours flexibility

·         Good knowledge and skills of Excel

·         Must be able to meet working deadlines

Please send your CV to [email protected]

Salaries and benefits negotiable.



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