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We are a multinational group of companies that focus on many OEM products and marketing. Great opportunity for candidate to learn about the design and marketing side of global consumer goods and how it relates to the real-world.  Will be working with top management of the group, so good work experience and CV builder.  Hours need to be flexible, but we are flexible to the candidates schedule. Pay and time will be per project, and is negotiable. Projects to be outlined in more detail with expectations to candidate if we get to interview stage.  Brief intro to candidates design experience, what two key goals they have for their design career, and at least one example of their past work (small portfolio example is preferred).

We would like to interview student designers to start working on a few projects.



Part-time design-student needed for product design and promotional material.


- Experience with consumer products

- Able to manage details and organized

- Responsible and professional attitude

- Creative and open-minded


Key needs are:

1) Developing a small portfolio of consumer product designs and brands,

2) Working on some promotional material for these products,     3) assist with current brand and product design,

4) Company presentations and profiles.


Would need to have time-management skills and ability to meet deadlines.


They can start by sending an example of their work, best relating to consumer products/promotional material and/or company presentations to the following email address:

At Cuve Group we aim to be the best partner for trade-consulting, sourcing, promoting, and trade services of consumer goods. We work with the finest factories, retailers, distributors, and consumer products available. Cuve Group has a wide range of partnerships, platforms, channels, and products to offer. As a multi-national & multi-functional group of companies we go beyond just standard services to provide complete and thorough business execution.

our website:



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