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Measuring for a prom dress can be tricky. If you don't get your dress measurements right, your dream dress could become a prom nightmare! With many girls choosing to shop for prom online, it's crucial to fully understand how to measure dress size. I ordered a prom dress online The dress fit me very well. I am so pleased when i receive the dress. They told me how to measure it which helps me a lot and i am 100% satisfied with their dress and service. Follow these guidelines to measure your body for a prom dress that will fit beautifully and flatter your body shape just right. Also, be sure to view the dress sizing charts next to each step to confirm the proper dress measuring technique. 1. Measure your bust (chest) around the fullest part. Using a tape measure, wrap it around the largest part of your bust. Be sure you are wearing the bra that you intend on wearing with your prom dress for the most accurate measurement. Take in a breath as you measure to account for breathing room in your prom dress. Also, be sure to have your arms relaxed and by your side, not above your head. 2.Waist Measurement Chart. Wrap the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist to get the correct waist measurement. The smallest part of your waist is usually right above your belly button. Stand up straight with good posture when you measure your waist. Poor posture can lead to a prom dress that bunches in the waist. 3.Hip Measurement Chart. To measure your hips, make sure that the tape measure is around the fullest part of your hips and rear. If you don't buy a prom dress big enough to fit your hips and rear properly, you could end up splitting the dress in the back while dancing with your prom date. That's an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that is easily prevented with accurate dress measurements. 4.Length Measurement Chart. Don't forget to measure for dress length. Put on the shoes that you'll be wearing to prom when you measure length. Then measure your body from the tops of your shoulders to the heels of your shoes. Not taking length measurements before you buy a prom dress could result in a dress that is too short or too long for your body. That's all the experience i got from them. I think it will help many girls.
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