Final call to Ibiza

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We have organised a fun trip to Ibiza for the closing parties this weekend to celebrate whatever can be celebrated before winter comes! Unfortunately, 4 of us, including me :( , will have to drop out due to visa issues. However, the trip will still be on. We have booked a villa, sleeping for 10 with a swimming pool and barbecue facility! Now I would like to make the final call to party goers who are interested in the last hit of the summer! Join the group! This will be your life time experience! Facts: 1) We are a group of city professionals but we are easy going and fun; 2) Ibiza is a world class island famous for parties, fun night life and its beautiful gold sandy beach! Logistics: The group will fly out this Thursday evening 13 Sep, and come back on 17 Sep (next Monday). If you cannot make the full trip, you can join us and leave us half way. We offer great flexibility, no pressure! Villa: Corsario If you are interested, pls reply to me!

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