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First Plus Education Technology Company. Ltd

Company Profile

First Plus Education Technology Company Ltd. is a UK registered education technology company. We focus on providing personalised tutoring and academic coaching for Chinese overseas students to assist each student with pursuing their dreams and reaching their own academic goals. The company was founded in 2017. All company employees are either graduates with master / doctor degree or experienced professors and experts in the UK education industry.

Combing both online platforms and offline activity centres, we have explored a teaching methodology dedicated to Chinese students from learning adaptation to overall improvement. There are currently three offline learning centres and online teaching & educational platforms across the UK.

Our services include three major learning support: pre-exam tutorial, homework & course tutorial and essay & dissertation proof-reading. Other supporting tools for overseas students include learning materials & textbook rental, individual tutoring, employment planning, foreign culture, communication skill lectures, overseas life assistant and other services, which will be released soon.

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in making department teaching plan (make school curriculum for all sites), clarify teaching goals, ensure that teaching is operated with plans methodically;

2. Responsible for communication and coordination with lecturers, students and teaching vendors including arranging public classes and the assignment of lecturers for the tutorial classes;

3. Manage the administrators of each site, supervise the work of the administrators on each site, clarify the duties of the administrators on each site, and assist the administrators of the site when necessary;

4. Participate in the organising and coordinating online or offline courses, and assist lecturers to complete the course teaching;

5. Responsible for building the lecturer team, the improvement of the teaching management system and implementing the work plan of the teaching management;

6. Responsible for the recruitment, training and assessment of lecturers;

7. Responsible for teaching evaluation, supervising teaching quality, visiting classes, checking teaching plans, etc., and investigating and tracking issues arisen in the classes.

8. Carry out teaching and research activities and lead lecturers to advance teaching skills and methods continuously to improve teaching standards;

9. Organise lecturers to prepare syllabus and teaching plans as well as building teaching resource database;

10. Responsible for the management of teaching resources, observing lecturer turnover rate; participating in the company's development plan and managing the direction of teaching development.

The Candidate:

1. Two years or above working experience.

2. Experience of UK university education (Bachelor/Master or higher degree), deep understanding of the UK education system.

3. Knowledge of the industry background of education training & online education and the training system; good understanding of the studying situation of Chinese students in the UK.

4. Strong ability of comprehensive management and monitoring big teaching team.

5. Passion for learning and teaching in the education sector; strong responsibility; ability to organise, plan, control, coordinate and communicate; ability to handle work pressure.

6. Chinese as native or near-native language and fluent English.

7. Tier 2 work visa can be provided for outstanding candidate.


1. More than 2 years of relevant experience in the education industry.

2. Bachelor/Master or higher degree in business or related fields as the major in UK university; familiar with the platform and system of university student management.

3. Previous experience in teaching and tutoring.

4. Previous experience in team management and event organisation

First Plus Education is an equal opportunities employer and positively encourages applications from suitably qualified and eligible candidates regardless of sex, race, disability, age, sexual orientation, transgender status, religion or belief, marital status, or pregnancy and maternity.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £20,000.00 - £22,000.00

Please apply via Indeed link below:



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