GCSE/A-level/Foundation/雅思 1对1线上线下辅导,专业师资,量身定制,足不出户,25镑起

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师资:  Early Bird Tuition 团队自2013年开始辅导GCSE/A-Level课程,老师平均辅导经验5年以上,均为英国名校毕业硕士博士,目前均在大学及高中从事教学及科研。

科目:  数学/物理/化学/生物/商业/经济/雅思

收费:  25~35Pounds/h ,半小时免费咨询

上课方式:  1对1线上辅导, 或就近咖啡馆/图书馆访问,时间灵活,足不出户


Early bird tuition 

We are a chinese tuition company based in London, we are good at preparing for exams and also value motivating and fun-learning.

we have a group of tutors who are all graduates from top tier  UK universities such as Imperial College, UCL, LSE, Manchester Uni, etc. some of them have teaching experiences in UK private schools, some of them are university part-time tutors, some of them are university postgraduate students.

We have been delivering GCSE and A-level tuitions for 5 years, and have helped more than 50 students to successfully enter top tier univeristies around the world like IC, UCL University of Sydney,  etc. 

We mostly do tutorings online, but in person tuitions can be considered depending on address. 

Subjects: Maths/ Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology/Economics/ Business/IELTS

Price: 25~35GBP/h

10% discount could be added if you buy 30 hours or more. 

20 minutes free consultation and trial lessons are available.

contact me on 07848199997 (Su) if interested.



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