Avenue 51 Ltd 诚招 品牌实习生

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  1. As brands expand, we urgently need some coordination and admin support

    2. This role will be mainly support key brand manager doing marketing research, data collection, admin, brands contacting, key network/platforms support etc

    3. This role will support the brand department with translation, social media content writing, product brochure editing, if necessary
    4. If the intern performs well, we are aiming to offer her a part-time or full-time job after her-three month internship
    5. Can become brand manager if the performance is outstanding
    6. Chinese speaker preferred

Company Introduction:

Avenue 51 Ltd is a UK based company provides leading global brands with all the essential cross border new retail technology and services needed to win global online shoppers in Mainland China and beyond.

Company Website: www.avenue51.com



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