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牛津的朋友有1个tutoring 公司,里面所有的tutor都是牛津剑桥first class毕业的,他们主要做牛剑申请辅导,也同时辅导其他不同年级的学生。目前牛剑申请的成功率是100%. https://www.u2tuition.com/
u2's programs and masterclasses cover all aspects of a student's education, be it general aptitude tuition, our Scholarship program for 11+ and 13+, or Oxbridge entrance programs. Our Extra-curricular Concierge allows students to access additional opportunities, from Work Experience and language masterclasses in over 8 languages including Arabic and Mandarin, to individual coding coaching with Oxbridge Computer Scientists able to guide a student through the digital world, fine artists, drama tutors and sports coaches who have performed at both National and International levels.

We combine face-to-face and online tuition to allow students to access the highest quality learning experiences, from all over the globe. On a u2 program, each student can access subject advice and expertise from the team of Oxbridge-educated mentors, at the click of a button. Our mission is to give our students an educational advantage so they can thrive in the fast-moving world we live in today.



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