Dim Sum Restaurant

  • 地址 :201 London Road, Sheffield, England
  • 电话 :01142550467
  • 分类 : 中国菜 中餐馆  
  • 菜品 : 时菜蒸墨鱼丸
  • 标签 : 中餐馆
  • 创建 : 2012-12-04 04:13

Hi, how are you? Haven’t seen you for long time! Shall we go ‘Yum Cha’ and have some ‘Dim Sum’?quot; Since the ancient time in China, within the Chinese culture of those wealthy communities, they gathered round for tea and accompanied with some delicacy food - Dim Sum. Dim Sum’ is the name of Cantonese cuisine with a wide range of small and delicious snacks. They can be steamed, deep fried dumplings with meat or seafood fillings, and steamed buns. ‘Yum Cha’ is the literally term of tea drinking to describe the dining session of having Dim Sum. Consistent with the tradition, the dining session of Yum Cha will only serve from the early morning until late of afternoon. It is because Dim Sum means touch of heart; it is not a proper main meal is only a snack, which is why it only serves at the particular time just to stop you feeling hungry. Nowadays, Yum Cha session will no longer be just only available during morning or afternoon in Sheffield, it even serves until late evening time. Dim Sum Restaurant, a contemporary Cantonese, Seafood & Dim Sum Chinese Cuisine down in the middle of London Road, Sheffield open sinceJanuary 2003. If you are starving but not feel like having a heavy meal, or busy during the day time but still would like to try out something in different why don’t pop into us at Dim Sum Restaurant where will definite satisfy your needs of hunger and desire. As we are the one who still serve a full range of Dim Sum until late evening. Yum Cha and Dim Sum are the terms which cannot be run away from one another, once people say go Yum Cha then they shall have Dim Sum as well. Especially nowadays it is an integral ingredient of Chinese culture. And we, Dim Sum Restaurant, are the place where you can be just like whenever people think of coffee ‘Starbucks’ will just come to your mind. Think of Yum Cha come to Dim Sum Restaurant.



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