Serving Japanese cuisine to the Edinburgh public for just over a decade, dinky, minimalist Bonsai has kept its customers content by offering something for raw seafood fans as well as those who prefer their scallops seared, with the added zing of ginger & orange. The menu features various types of sushi, a variety of deep-fried agemono dishes, teppanyaki from the griddle & teriyaki cooked with sweet soy, in addition to soups, salads, sides & pickles. Dinner might also involve a fine plate of assorted sashimi (salmon, tuna, sweet prawns & scallops) with pickled ‘umeboshi’ plums on the side; alternatively you can have vegetarian sushi made with egg, avocado, cucumber, mayo & sesame, followed by some mixed vegetable tempura to follow. Bonsai is a cracking place to linger & there are bargain specials a lunchtime. Drink Japanese beer, green tea, saké & iced plum wine.



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