SOHO Japan


Introduce a Japanese kitchen to a faded 70s’ pub & you get Soho Japan – a highly enjoyable, slightly kooky & downbeat venue delivering excellent food at fair prices. There’s a strong selection of small plates from the char-grill & deep-fryer – salt & pepper chicken wings, miso-marinated salmon & scallops in garlic butter, plus octopus dumplings, sea bass tempura & the ever-popular breadcrumbed chicken katsu. At the healthier end of the spectrum, look for sashimi salads (the spicy tuna version comes recommended) or classic sushi: yellowtail nigiri, spicy crab maki, pickled radish temaki. Also, don’t miss the wholesome noodle soup packed with spinach & mushrooms. SJ hasn’t forgotten its pub roots, either, with a full quota of alcoholic tipples including wines, beer (on-tap Asahi), oriental-inspired cocktails & shochu.



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