‘Queues out the door every time’, observes a fan of this fast-paced kaiten joint in a modern City basement. You don’t come here to linger, but the urgent buzzy tempo adds a frisson to proceedings as colour-coded plates of spanking fresh sushi circulate on the angular conveyor belt. Consistency is a given here & the range is broad, from tuna & white fish nigiri or salmon, avocado & masago inside-out rolls to swordfish sashimi ‘K10-style’ with caramelised orange zest. There are also a few hot offerings including bowls of pork katsu curry with rice, prawn or vegetable tempura & gyoza with a variety of fillings. By contrast, desserts head west for the likes of tiramisu or chocolate mousse. A warmer colour scheme with splashes of bubblegum-pink has softened K10’s uncompromising starkness of late.



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