The Heron


  The ground floor of the Heron is a regulation Paddington estate boozer – ales, lagers, fruit machines, Sky Sports on TV – but the real attraction here is down in the basement. Descend the steps and

  you’ll discover a garish karaoke lounge done out in clubby, 90s style with multi-coloured cushions, lanterns and splashes of paintwork on the ceiling. The other selling point is the menu – a

  100-dish run through the regional Thai repertoire for those who fancy scoffing bowls of orange prawn curry during the warbling contests. Forget all those high-street clichés, this kitchen serves up

  the real thing – think spicy green papaya salad with crunchy little fermented crabs, larb ped (shredded duck with crispy rice and lime dressing), stir-fried broccoli with salted fish, minced pork

  with ‘century egg’ and so on. Order a Thai beer to cool the flames.

Address: 1 Norfolk Crescent,  London W2 2DN  

Telephone: 020 7706 9567  

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 1-10pm  

Cuisine: Pubs , Thai   

Area: Paddington, Bayswater



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