Sammy Chop Suey House

  • 地址 :50 Splott Rd, Cardiff CF24 2DA
  • 电话 :02920461353
  • 分类 : 中国菜 中餐馆  
  • 营业 :Sun: 6pm -11.20pm Mon: 5.30pm - 11.20pm Tues: Closed Wed - Sat: 5.30pm - 11.20pm
  • 标签 : House , Special , Chow , Mein , 中餐馆
  • 创建 : 2012-12-04 04:12

We are a well known restaurant in Cardiff and have more than 30 years of history. We always adhere to customers with the freshest and most delicious food. We have a good reputation and aim to give the best service at the fastest delivery speed for our customers. We have a variety of food to meet everyone's need. Thank you for your years of support and the love of the food. We will continue the style of the past to provide our customers the best Chinese meal in years to come.



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