Ivory Tiger


Ivory Tiger is one of the most exclusive and exciting buffet restaurants in Cardiff with its pleasant surroundings and reputation for excellence. We offer a new and exciting culinary experience. All dishes are prepared with absolutely fresh, top quality ingredients which are blended with exotic, fragrant and pungent spices to produce a wider variety of subtle flavours and taste sensations.

The inspiration behind Ivory Tiger is to bring something new, fresh and vibrant onto the buffet dining scene. We love to make people’s day and we believe we can do this by getting the food to speak to our customers.

With our restaurant we have created an ambiance that will make you feel relaxed and welcome. Our experienced team from the front of house staff to our fantastic chefs will off you a great dining experience.

The spices used in our dishes are very different. For starters, they are traditional and authentic. We don’t mix the spices or believe in playing with our dishes. What we believe in is giving our diners good, traditional Indian, Chinese, Thai food in a modern, contemporary environment.

This welcoming and comfortable restaurant is popular all week and it is always wise to book ahead especially for our Dinner Menu. But be sure to treat yourself and your friends and family to a true banquet one evening where the choice, colour and decoration of the platters is breathtaking.



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