There’s more to Ludlow than Michelin stars. Mari Kure’s intimate & friendly Japanese restaurant is well worth seeking out for Japan’s biggest culinary export, sushi – as well as gyoza,

  vegetable tempura, miso chicken, yaki niku (stir-fried beef in a fruity sauce) & unusual vegetable sides such as kimpira gobo (burdock cooked with sesame oil, chilli, soy sauce & mirin).

  It’s a flexible formula that’s proved very popular: Thursday to Saturday, a short-choice, four-course set (including sushi) is offered for £22.55, while three courses (minus the sushi) is available

  for £18.95 on Tuesday & Wednesday. This is good Japanese home cooking & given the decent-value prices, the ingredients are more interesting than you might expect.

Address: 127 Old Street,  Ludlow,  Shropshire SY8 1NU  

Telephone: 01584 878 462  

Website: Visit Koo   

Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 7-9pm (Sat 10pm)  

Cuisine: Japanese   

Area: Shropshire

Price: £25.00  

Wine: £10.95  

Champagne: £29.95  



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