The New Culture Revolution


Perhaps the period of social and political upheaval in China may be the inspiration behind its name, but in Islington, King's Road and Notting Hill, they've created a different revolution of sorts, prompting Londoners to explore flavours from the Northern Chinese territory and possibly win over those who cringe at the idea of a noodle-dumpling meal. New Culture Revolution also does well to restore faith amongst health experts and their ilk by eschewing MSGs and artificial additives.

Jiao ji - boiled dumplings served in a broth - is a good way to start, with stuffing that include pork and Chinese leaves, chicken, and cod fish and spinach, or choose their slightly more calorific counterpart, the pan-fried guotei. A subsequent order of chilli beef and aubergine on a nest of crispy noodles, or quick-fried cut fillet of red bream and mangetout fused with ginger and garlic may find yourself admiring how simple ingredients put together in a proper manner help create a delicate balance of flavours. A steaming hot cup of jasmine green tea helps to round things off nicely.



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