Red Hot World Buffet and Bar - Leeds

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The Red Hot World Buffet family keeps on growing and this time it's the people of Leeds, in the Light building, who can now feast themselves upon this amazing world dining experience for one fixed price, whether it's Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Tex mex, Cajun, Thai or English cuisine.

As befits a buffet restaurant with such international credentials, dishes are created at live cooking stations by some of the best chefs from around the world who, along with the guests, enjoy the buzzing atmosphere. For one set price Red Hot offers you the world on a plate.

From World starters be prepared for pepperoni or ham and apple pizza, chicken tikka or chick pea masala, chilli con carne or nachos with a salsa bar, or pork spare ribs with an alternative of crab claws. There is certainly no lack of choice from any country at any stage of the meal.

A salad and seafood bar offers a fine selection of sushi, and chilli and garlic flavoured mussels provide a balanced flavour that retains its fresh from the sea staple. Ham, salami and chicken come in various manifestations, and assorted breads provide contrast and enlightenment. No less that fourteen salads inevitably yields unusual pairings, with fennel and mango dressed with citrus, mini savoury tartlets with glacé cherry and Philadelphia cheese, or broccoli and snow peas with garlic flakes. Whichever you choose it arrives at table with condiments and dressings.

On the live counters prepare for conflict. A made to order pasta station serves five types of pasta with nine sauces from which to choose, including Bolognaise, Carbonara and Americana. The noodle bar is busy with several types to marry up with a choice of four meats, four sauces and a good array of vegetables. Think glass noodles with shrimp, chilli Ramen, bamboo shoot and scallion.

Made to order Chinese stir fry has choices that could keep the average diner on their toes for a month or more, provided they were not deflected by the chargrill where the choice may be less but the enjoyment factor guaranteed. Amongst the main courses five cuisines parade their best, with yellow beef curry, egg noodle, lamb Rogan Josh, chicken tikka masala and Mexican chilli pork amongst those dishes jostling for attention.

By now you can well imagine the feeding frenzy presented by the desserts. To make matters even more scintillating if you really have the creative urge you make your own fruit compote with a different liqueur, or nip a cross to the sundae counter where DIY is positively encouraged.

A visit to Red Hot is a time to let your hair down and become participatory. Try saying that when you've done a little research on the cocktails, mocktails and shooters, linked your meal with a choice from amongst the international wine list, or embarked on an in depth study of some of the vast collection of world beers. If it's a party, pitchers of your preferred beverage can ensure that the party continues until late in the evening.

Eating is one of life's pleasures; eating under the panoply of fun and zing factor offered by Red Hot Buffet ensures it will be even more fun. Their Website says it all.



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