Malay Chinese Noodlebar Restaurant


Malay Chinese Noodlebar Restaurant is not just your straightforward oriental restaurant. Once inside you'll find an almost bewildering choice of cuisine starting with Japanese, Singaporean, Chinese and Thai dishes and a good many hybrids in between. Needless to say this makes for adventurous eating as a careful and often prolonged study of the extensive menu will show.

Try curry laksa, beef rendang, nasi goreng, roti canai, Assam mixed vegetables, manchurian fried rice, teriyaki salmon, pad Thai and yaki soba.

Since this is but one dish you will understand why we are stopping there, on our assurance that there are many more such wondrous surprises. Vegetarians are admirably catered for.

Brace yourself for many a journey of adventure. There is free karaoke and the restaurant is ideal for celebrating birthdays or gathering with colleagues after a hard day at work.



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