Kai's House Asian Fusion - Liverpool


Kai's House is a genuinely unique restaurant, it has never featured in any advertising but it has nevertheless become well known for its speciality dishes, such as Mongolian beef, crispy pork, and braised king prawn, and its wide selection of vegetarian dishes.

Their master chef, Kai, developed his singular style and talent whilst working in top class London restaurants for a number of years. Then, as now, his food, whether traditional or modern in inspiration, has always proved to be a success with his clients.

All Kai's sauces hail from their original areas and every dish is the result of a skilled blend of art and cooking, a concept central to Kai's vision and reflected not only in his food but his artwork too; artwork which can be found adorning the walls of this delightfully contemporary and intimately friendly Asian restaurant.

So, whether you wish to spend some time with friends and family or simply want to relax; then, with its high quality and innovative menu, friendly service, warm atmosphere, and top class Chinese tea, Kai's House is an ideal choice.



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