Hong Kong Harbour Restaurant

  • 地址 :The Riverside Hotel, Abersoch, LL53 7HW
  • 电话 :07807255462
  • 分类 : 中国菜  
  • 菜品 : 牛肉炒饭, 烤鸭, 豉汁大虾
  • 营业 :Tues - Fri: 17:00 - 22:00
  • 标签 : 海鲜/粤菜
  • 创建 : 2012-12-04 04:12

Located on the banks of River Soch, Hong Kong Harbour Restaurant offers authentic Chinese cuisine in friendly and relaxed surroundings. The interior features comfortable black leather chairs and black tables, vibrant colours and subtle lighting in the night and plenty of natural light in the day. The service is warm and the staff and hosts Nina and Ian create an atmosphere that is of joviality and lively. Specialities there include wonton dumpling soup, crab meat and sweet corn soup, steamed or crispy dim sums, and salt and pepper chicken wings to start your meal. You could follow it up with beef fried rice, or roasted duck chow mein, or pork with green peppers in black bean sauce and king prawns in oyster sauce with steamed rice. Duck meat lovers are in for a treat with a wide variety of duck preparations to hand.



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