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        CHUEN CHENG KU是一家清真餐馆,海鲜颇具特色,价格相对比较低。

        Chuen Cheng Ku has a spacious dining area that despite its size always remains busy. The menu is long with all the usual Chinese classics featured, but the dim sum has earned the restaurant a reputation in its own right. The dim sum choice is wheeled to your table with the aid of a trolley so you can see the merchandise for yourself before ordering. The service is fast and somewhat furious so don't expect to linger for long. Reviewed by Linda Buttle This huge bustling Chinese restaurants is one must-see for any visitor to London, the great speciality is the dim sum served from trolleys at lunchtime, if you arrive after 6 pm then you have left it too late. A recent lunch, with a reasonably priced bottle of excellent dry, crisp Chilean Sauvignon Blanc just managed to creep up to £40; we stuck to steamed dim sum, mainly seafood, and the quality was excellent.



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