Cathay Rendezvous 满挺欢


  In 1497, the great explorer John Cabot sailed from Bristol on voyage of discovery to find China or Japan by a sea route to the west. Instead, Cabot discovered the New Found Land of North America. Unfortunately for him he never experienced the gastronomic delights from China, but you can at the Cathay Rendezvous. The Cathay Rendezvous is situated in King Street which is the oldest in Bristol. This impressive and prestigious building dates back to 1738 and it was the first purpose built library in England and is now listed as an ancient monument. The Cathay Rendezvous presents a unique experience in oriental cuisine that spans the main gastronomic styles from China. The presentation of each dish is truly authentic and in keeping with the ultimate in elegance of the culture. The specialised cuisine covers three main culinary regions of China - Mandarin, Cantonese and Szechuan. A fully qualified indigenous chef, Mr Huang, presides over the diverse styles of cooking and presentation of the Cathay Rendezvous. Within its elegant facade, the restaurant is set in several graceful air conditioned rooms on two levels, licensed for 150 peoples, we can cater for large or small parties. The restaurant is within easy reach of the city centre and easily accessible from the M5 and M4 via the M32 link to Bristol city centre.



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