Lau's 202 Buffet House


Eat and relax in our contemporary surroundings

The exceptional 1.1 million design of Lau’s 202 was created by Dakota House of Design. Their work has generated a calm and relaxing atmosphere to ensure you appreciate the quality of the food. The Lau family has now opened a vast variety of Asian style restaurants. They have used their experience and knowledge to accomplish their finest establishment yet.

With over 100 varieties to choose from, every visit will be a different experience. At our Chef’s Island we offer a generous variety of sushi, hot and cold starters, soup noodles, dim sum and teppanyaki and grill to order. Watch our professionally trained sushi chefs prepare food fresh while you wait for your teppanyaki and grill order to be cooked. Fresh waffles are also available.

We are open daily from 11:30am till 10:30pm. Large parties are welcome. Our spacious restaurant seats up to 202 customers.



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