Tammy's Thai Restaurant


Tammy's Thai was established in the summer of 2011 by Chad and Pukki. The couple are both from Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand, and came to England in 1989. Their daughter Tammy, who the restaurant is named after, was born in 1994. Before opening Tammy's Thai, the couple ran the Thai Restaurant at the Plough in Dormansland for 7 years. Proud of their Chiang Mai roots, the menu includes Northern Thai speciliaties such as Sai Oow and Kao Soi, which aren't usually found in many Thai eateries in the UK. For those seeking something invirgorating, the Som Tom is refreshingly authentic, but only ask for it 'spicy' if you are prepared for a genuine Thai-style salad! The Ped Phud Ta-Krai is a spicy duck dish that will delight those with a true Thai taste. Bursting with flavour, but less spicy, the Thai Dim Sum, Pla Rad Prik and Goong Nam Pla Waan are perenial favourites.



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